Elections 2008, Published articles

The Conservatives did it again. 40th Canadian Federal Election (2008)

So the Conservatives did it again…

Or rather Stephen Harper has proved the Canadians are not yet ready for too much change. Stephane Dion is again officially the opposition. So what happened…?

It was interesting to see how the parties fared as the results came in. The irony that 2008 historically recorded the lowest voter turn out had not much to do with the election results. Harper seemed to be the winner in all regards. He managed to create a Conservative government with panache.

Today, at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at University of British Columbia experts analyzed the results of the Canadian Federal Election 2008. The speakers included Professors. Gerald Baier, Fred Cutler and Allan Tupper from the UBC Department of Political Science and Miro Cernetig, Vancouver Sun and Canwest professor at the Graduate School of Journalism.

I was there along with other colleagues from SOJ. The CBC and Fairchild covered the event. Yet the focus somehow remained on media’s failure on conveying the true Canadian spirit of the elections.

But lets look towards the future. What needs to be seen is the results of the Provincial elections coming soon….

Check out the final Federal election results at http://enr.elections.ca/National_e.aspx


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