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Mayoral hopeful Richard Stewart wants Coquitlam to lead…

Richard Stewart with Coquitlam residents
Richard Stewart with Coquitlam residents

Liberal Mayoral candidate Richard Stewart hopes to make Coquitlam, an important suburb of the Metro Vancouver Area into a major commercial and residential hub.

Stewart, also former MLA acknowledged that improved transit facilities and better access through roads Coquitlam residents can commute to other lower mainland cities with ease for work or learning. He encouraged young voters to come forward and make their voices matter.

Stewart was speaking to an informal gathering of community members at the private residence of LaVerne and Anwar Zuberi local socialites and prominent residents of Coquitlam.

Long time supporter and friend Paul Veltmeyer and his wife Suzanna were present on the occasion.

When asked, “What part is Coquitlam playing in the 2010 Olympics?” Stewart candidly admitted, “None.”

Stewart went on to recognize the contribution Maillardville has made to the French-Canadian community in Coquitlam. Stewart is fluent in English and French. He emphasized the importance of both as the official languages of the Olympics globally.

Stewart promised he will try to visit the local mosque before the election to introduce himself to the community members of Coquitlam.

Coquitlam has a diverse resident setup which makes it one of the very exciting and promising communities to live, work and study in.

The next General Local Election will be held on November 15, 2008. Qualified electors in the City of Coquitlam will vote to elect a Mayor, eight Councillors and four School Trustees.

Get your vote in and make it count.

Faiza Zia Khan


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