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Economy is a sleeping giant says Coquitlam’s new mayor

The newly elected city council of Coquitlam took oath to “faithfully perform the duties of my office, ” in an elegant ceremony at the city council chambers on Dec 01, 2008.

Councillor Linda Reimer takes oath
Councillor Linda Reimer takes oath

As tradition calls the ceremony was complete with mayor’s chain of office, formal attires and presence of prominent city residents. Yet, focus remained on the economic challenges that lie ahead for mayor Richard Stewart and his council.

” I want the council to come together now more than ever in times of this economic crisis,” said Stewart.

The council members reiterated Stewart’s concerns about the economy and vowed to stay connected with residents of the city.

” Many members of the public are starting to feel the [economic] crunch ,” said Stewart.

The speech also focused on the development of Coquitlam-Maillardville as a centre of culture, arts, heritage and learning.

Stewart said city departments are asked to work within their existing budgets so emerging needs can be addressed without additional costs being incurred. He also acknowledged the employees of the City and thanked all those who had contributed to his mayoral campaign.

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