Bounty Bust in Bountiful, BC

Canadians are still recovering from the effects of the U.S. economic crisis rippling through our side of the border. Now the recent polygamy arrests and convictions in Bountiful, BC drives home the notion that anything affecting our southern partners will surely ricochet through here.

The saga that started in 2005 finally reached it climax with the arrest of the these men. But what more will unravel is yet to be seen.

Winston Blackmore, 52 and James Oler, 44 the two leaders in the polygamous community of Bountiful, B.C. have been charged with practising polygamy, which is a Criminal Code offence.

Both held powerful positions; Oler is the bishop of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, while Blackmore is the former FLDS bishop who was ousted in 2002 after a power struggle with the sect’s prophet Warren Jeffs.

Blackmore has been charged with “practising polygamy” on May 1, 2005, according to provincial court files. The file says the unusual charge was sworn on January 6 against the 52-year-old man, but there is no reference to a court appearance being made yet.

Oler is charged with practising polygamy and the date of his alleged offence on record is Nov. 1, 2004.

A seven-month charge assessment review led to these arrests said Attorney General Wally Oppal said in an official statement. RCMP officers arrested Oler and Blackmore on Wednesday after an intensive, seven-month charge assessment review by special prosecutor Terrence Robertson. The investigation was into allegations that “these individuals breached section 293 of the Criminal Code by entering into a conjungal relationship with more than one individual at a time.

Here is more coverage on the issue:

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