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Investigative journalism

” You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts”

Cochise, Apache (1812-1874)

Robert Cribb, the award winning investigative journalist from The Toronto Star guest lectured at School of Journalism ( SOJ). It was a great opportunity to meet with him in person and learn about the skills needed to become a successful investigative journalist.

The two key best practices I took away from this intense two day course were “Patience is virtue” in becoming an investigative reporter and that “persistence pays.” The pattern of event, context, explanation and solution follows through if journalists aim towards balanced, fair and accurate reporting.

Cribb also emphasized journalists should pursue advocacy journalism where they take up a position and try to fix the problem. But the process can sometimes be lengthy and takes more than six months to get all the evidence to back up a story.

Freedom of Information documents are essential tools in an investigative journalists tool box . Factual documentary evidence should be concrete before any story gets into print.

Cribb will be in Vancouver till the end of this week.


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