Unemployment Clock: what is the rationale?

On May 06, Parliament Hill in Ottawa  became venue for the Telecommunications Workers Union unveiling of a digital clock that tracks the growing number of unemployed Canadians.

The first stop for the National Unemployment Clock is the TELUS Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the National Gallery of Canada, 380 Sussex Drive, Ottawa on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 10:30 a.m.

The National Unemployment Clock, which counts the number of job losses in real time, is mounted on a truck and will travel from Ottawa to Vancouver throughout the month-long campaign.

The CBC reported John Carpenter, Vice President of the TWU said the numbers are based on those provided by Statistics Canada.

The numbers were significant. The total from the get go was 1.5 million and counting. The clock updates itself every 40.91 seconds and the numbers were ticking.

With unemployment increasing within fraction of a minute this campaign raises awareness about the Canadian struggle to keep their jobs.

“This clock shows the devastating impact of outsourcing job loss in Canada. The size and scope of the tragedy of this job loss must be understood by the Harper government,” said NDP International Trade Critic, Peter Julian.

“These are good jobs being outsourced. The government must hold corporations responsible and provide strong incentives to keep jobs in Canada.” said Julian.

The campaign’s website,, features an online petition, ways to get involved, contact information for local Members of Parliament, statistics and facts on unemployment in Canada, the ongoing issue
of allowing large corporations to offshore jobs, the campaign travel schedule, as well as an interactive “Track the Truck” map following the road show – using GPS technology.

There is hope that this campaign will make our leaders pay attention to the devestation caused by the economic downturn and help us with our troubles in these traumatic times.


1 thought on “Unemployment Clock: what is the rationale?”

  1. Hey – thanks for the post about the campaign. We’re hoping it, at the very least starts a dialogue, but we would prefer some action. It’s a very scary statistic indeed – people need to be aware of this.

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