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Space tourism the Cirque way

Move over Gold Coast Australia, the hot new tourist destination is the stars. 

Laliberte's Cirque Du Soleil - Photo courtesy: Cirque Du Soleil Promo
Laliberte's Cirque Du Soleil - Photo courtesy: Cirque Du Soleil Promo

Fire-eater and stilt-walker Guy Laliberté, 49, founder of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, will fly on a Russian ship as a space tourist in September.

The first circus act in space is being trained to visit the International Space Station and is spending millions for his joyride. Some of us are questioning the motive. Is it a publicity stunt to bring the 25th year anniversary for the show to public’s attention or a genuine need to discover the twlight zone?

Laliberte has begun training with cosmonauts at Star City, near Moscow, for a 12-day trip organised by Space Adventures that will cost him around $20 million.

He said yesterday: “Travelling has always been my way of life and I have been researching the possibilities of space travel with Space Adventures since 2004. But I needed it to be the right time and for the right purpose.

“This is the time. And the purpose is clear: to raise awareness on water issues to humankind on planet earth. My mission is dedicated to making a difference on this vital resource by using what I know best: artistry.”

Unfortunately Laliberte will not be allowed to take his accordian on board the space station in case he gets an epiphany for the next fire breathing Cirque show.

Here is more coverage on the issue:

Cirque du soleil’s Guy Laliberte defends millions being spent on space trip


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