’cause the lie becomes the truth- Billie Jean (1983)

Media has been in a frenzy with the news of Michael Joseph Jackson’s death (1958-2009). Jackson’s death is as “whacko” as his life- full of doubts, puzzles and unsolved mysteries. A one man industry and a brand that generated billions of dollars, died broke and deep in debt.

The uncrowned King of Pop
The uncrowned King of Pop

Personally, I did not follow this iconic pop singer’s career moves, but I admit I grew up listening to his music. Some how they do not seem dated even today. His songs differed from mainstream pop music as there was always some underlying message in the lyrics.

The song “Billie Jean” makes the cut to the top notch dance single genre to this day.  When these lyrics are carefully heard a whole new meaning comes to light. One wonders whether the heavy over tones of regret, unhappiness and sometimes hurt come from real experiences, or are they just a fragment of Jackson’s imaginative mindworks. 

The  song according to Jackson was about a fan who claimed that he was the father of her twins. As a rock band the Jacksons had always been in the lime light and groupies were part of the normal equation in their life.  But Jackson still maintained he had never seen the girl or been with her. She wrote him several letters and once sent a package that contained her photo and a gun with a letter stating the date and time when Jackson should kill himself.  She said she will kill the child Jackson had fathered and herself as well. Jackson claims he got nightmares after the event.  Later the woman was taken to a Psychiatric facility for treatment.  

With a life plagued with scandal, controversy, criminal charges and a devestating personal life Jackson still remains a legacy and an icon. He is undoubtly reigns as the ” King of Pop”.

As charges of child molestation and sexual abuse were made by a 13 year old Jordan Chandler in 1993, Jackson’s downward spiral had begun. He got hooked onto drugs and alcohol to find release from the stress of this investigation.  The case was settled out of court with Jackson paying the Chandlers a reported $22 million.

Rumours did not die out as Jackson married the King of Rock’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley in 1994. In Jackson’s eyes this was a match made in music heaven with the two iconic families merging together.  He clung to Presley for support during his molestation trail. The couple split 19 months later as she could not keep up with his bizarre antics and the “leeches” Jackson always seemed to attract.

In the same year he married his dermatologist nurse Deborah Jean Rowe with whom he had been friends during his numerous cosmetic surgeries. He fathered three children ( two boys and a girl) with Rowe.  The couple never lived together but Rowe gave Jackson full custody of the children.

On June 25, 2009 Jackson collapsed at a rented home in Los Angeles. He had been rehearsing for a 50 concert come back series in London which was to begin from July 15 at the O2 theatre. His death was confirmed two hours later, the same day on which actress Farah Fawcett’s lost her battle to cancer.  

 “People always told me be careful of what you do
And dont go around breaking young girls hearts
And mother always told me be careful of who you love
And be careful of what you do cause the lie becomes the truth…” – Billie Jean (1983)


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