Italians reclaim heritage in Vancouver

My article made the cover on the August 2009 issue of THE THUNDERBIRD.

Italians reclaim heritage in Vancouver

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Italians in Vancouver

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Supersizing your hand bag: a health hazard

Attention fashionistas with avant- garde accessory sense. To be seen without your Prada, Gucci, Coach or Guess bag is considered a fashion faux pas and the consequence for this is an unceremonious departure out of the elitist sisterhood sorority.

Are over sized handbags a health hazard for spinal injuries ?? Our fashion police consisting of five feminist investigative journalists ( Amanda Ash, Faiza Zia Khan, Katie Hyslop, Megan Stewart and Sarah Stenabaugh) set out on a “fact or false” mission on the effects of heavy handbags on the female spinal cord.

The video is featured on the title page of the August 2009 issue of THE THUNDERBIRD. Enjoy our brainchild.

Supersized fashion maybe bad for your health