Cell phone hacking becoming more common

The only $5000 figure Ashraf Ashley Khalatabadi hoped to see was in Lotto winnings when she opened her mail. Instead what took her breath away was a cell phone invoice and a pending notice of cancellation from a leading cellular company that asked her to pay $5828.14 immediately. Khalatabai who prefers the name Ashley could not get over the shock initially.

Khalatabadi is a hairstylist and works hard juggling multiple roles as a mother of teenage kids and long hours at her job.

“First I got mad at my kids. I thought they had been having a party with my phone.” But when she checked out the details on the invoice she found out there were more than three thousand dollars worth of downloads and none of them were on her phone.

Khalatabadi said she contacted the cellular company and registered her complaint about fears of a hacked account. But they were not very sympathetic about her situation. She disputed the charges but there was no one who could help her out.

She recalls her wallet got stolen during Christmas time while she was working at a local hair salon. ” I reported it to the police but my wallet was never found. I believe they used that information to hack into my phone service.”

At the moment Khalatabadi and the phone company have not resolved the issue but she hopes that some one will help her out and re-invoice her for the correct usage.


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