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Google search term: Prorogue

Many young Canadians admit they are not even aware of the word. Still, “prorogue” has recently become stylishly popular and part of the cool lingo amongst high schoolers.

Canadians reached out to the internet as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his minority Conservative government faced challenges at the hands of opposition parties “coalition.”

“I wondered for a long while what coalition meant whenever it was mentioned at school. Now they came up with prorogue. I was like holy cow, ” says Tommy Jacobson, a grade nine student at a local secondary school.

The Google website’s Insights for Search tool, which allows users to compare search volume patterns, shows a huge spike in the number of queries related to the political showdown.

The CBC reported prorogue’s popularity increased by about 100 per cent by the beginning of December. It was about 100 per cent more popular as a search term than it has ever been since Google started keeping tabs in 2004.

Canadians have a history of remaining calm in face of such perilous times but it seems that now the Canadians are having a tough time facing their “cool” about the national political scene