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Increase traffic on your website: SEO

As SEOs we look at increasing traffic on the website every single second of every day. Every night before switching the night light off my mantra is to look at the number views and feel relieved that today’s job is done but the next second another day has begun.

How can we ensure there is a constant stream of traffic on our website, facebook page, twitter verse or LinkedIn. Whatever your poison is the key is: be prepared.

  • Bring on the NEW ADS
  • Keep a close eye on new ad formats to make sure they are relevant to your business
  • Stay away from SERPs that are overtaken by interactive ads
  • Find ways to differentiate your on-site experience from what Google is offering
  • Use chatbots
  • Use Non-Google sites like amazon, wikipedia or Yelp
  • Optimize the “search engine” your users are on. It is important to figure out where your business customers space is and then optimize for the platform they’re on
  • Use structured data and make the site easier to understand
  • Keep the site user friendly AT ALL TIMES.