Move over MAC, Sephora is here

As I drove by the Mall today when I left the house I saw an unusual number of cars in the parking lot. I thought for a second probably its the summer circus back in town but the place was devoid of the glittering carousel and the big tents that come with the circus package. Then it all came to me. Today is the big day.

Sephora make up line. Photo Courtesy:
Sephora make up line. Photo Courtesy:

Make up giant Sephora opens doors to two Vancouver locations, one in Pacific Centre (downtown) and the other in Coquitlam Centre. The third store will open in the Metrotown Mall (Burnaby) in October 2009.

Georgia Strait called it the Cosmetic Candy Store . In order to understand Sephora’s success, you need to know about the approach that’s helped it establish more than 800 stores in 14 countries.

“It’s like a beauty playground,” said spokesperson Christine Egashira, during a tour of the 5,421-square foot Coquitlam store that includes energy efficient and environmentally friendly amenities like LED lights and a recycling program.

It is a feeling of deja vu when a few years ago MAC opened its doors for the Vancouver market. Now Sephora has taken the Vancouverite fashionistas by storm.

Will I go and visit the store? Sure I will as they carry a vast variety of prestigious products. But I will not be lining up outside the malls to be amongst the first to enter the store today.