Pink Flamingos

Prime Minster Stephen Harper celebrated his 50th birthday with panache. Although he neglected to invite his cabinet ministers to the ceremony that invited severe criticism, seemed content to be strolling with his daughter Rachel amongst 50 pink flamingos; placed by staffers on the lawns of his 24 Sussex Drive home in Ottawa.

However this might be the only moment of respite the PM might get as there are myriad of issues surrounding Parliament Hill.

The Conservatives hope that their stimulus package will offset some of the damage but the inevitable wave of redundancies and defaults is likely to stoke anger and lead to calls for a change of government, regardless of what the Liberals put in the shop-window.

Lets give the Prime Minster a break and wish him the very best for yet another milestone in his life. Proudly Canadian.


Italian Cultural Centre looking for artifacts

So being Italian is not only about drinking endless cups of espresso or enjoying a slice of the thin crust pizza. It is about culture and understanding this established immigrant community that has embraced Canadianism to the fullest. 

Vancouver boasts to have the largest Italian Cultural Centre in Canada. The ICC has a library, Bocce Courts, restaurants and community hall. The most interesting addition to the ICC is the ilMuseo, Museum of Italian Heritage that opened doors to public in Oct 2008.

Caelan Griffiths, curator of the museum is always on the look out for new addition to the exhibits.

” If you are not Italian but think you have something that might help tell the story of Italian immigration, please feel free to bring it to us. We welcome it.” Griffiths said.

There are many intriguing displays including a manual sewing machine that was orginally bought from Italy.

You can contact the ICC for more information at (604) 430-3337.