About the author

Faiza Zia Khan is a Vancouver resident and a graduate student at the University of British Columbia (UBC) , School of Journalism.

Faiza Zia Khan
Faiza Zia Khan

Faiza found her journalistic roots in 1998 when she got published for the first time in TIME magazine.

Her journalistic endeavors led her to become the Senior Editor for BioSynergy magazine. BioSynergy is an international student-run magazine originating from Harvard-MIT and the University of Toronto focusing on life sciences.

Faiza is also associated with SAGE Magazine at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

She also serves as the Deputy Vice President with the student based Journalists for Human Rights at UBC.

She worked as the Community Editor for Asian American Newsweekly, a Houston, Texas based paper published simultaneously from Canada and United States. Faiza is the Bureau Chief for Vancouver for the publication. She was also associated with the Radio Station 1180 AM KGOL from Houston, Texas.

Faiza earned a First Class Honours degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University (SFU) , Burnaby, British Columbia. Her thesis “An Evaluation of Ethnic Media and Audiences in British Columbia” explored multicultural audiences through focus groups and qualitative research methods.

She researched on Ethnic communities with the team at Centre for Policy Studies on Culture & Communities and the Multi-Media Monitoring Lab under supervision of Catherine Murray, Communication and Public Policy Professor at SFU. This culminated in a collaborative report “Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Media in BC” for the Department of Canadian Heritage Western Region.

Since 2006, Faiza has been the Public Relations Coordinator for Media Democracy Day Vancouver events .

Faiza is currently working with the BC Government’s funded Wash With Care project as Research Coordinator.

The globetrotting Faiza calls herself a traveloholic and thinks chocolate is food from heaven. Visit Faiza’s blog


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